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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Our 2020 Fragrance Range consist of 6 unique scents inspired by universal wind formations, formulated to suit each individuality.

With Six (6) Unique Scents, there is a scent for every one.


Got that feeling you just can’t escape? or fancy an Island getaway? Well we’ve especially formulated this fragrance so you can relax under the palms all year round.... 🥥 🌴⁣

An invigorating fusion of Polynesian Coconut and Kaffir Lime. Melt in to a ball of relaxation and bliss with light notes of White Frangipani and Sea Salt echoing a gentle Hawaiian Breeze⁣

Transport from your day to day to an Island Escape in an instant ⁣

Disclaimer: If you love the usual coconut and lime candle on the market - be prepared not to be able to put our Kaiaulu down


Indulgent notes of Oriental Myrrh, White musk and Fresh Citrus inspired by an Oriental Wind or 'The Divine Wind'  combined with the asian philosophy of Feng Shui, literally meaning 'Wind and Water'. This fragrance is a sensous and indulgent blend of Myrrh, and White Musk and complimented by Fresh Citrus to evoke your senses.  

This is our most sought after scent and is a warm and inviting addition to any abode.  


A warm and charismatic fragrance,  relax to the aroma of Baltic Amber, bursts of spiced Plum, layered with notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood.  

A sensual fragrance blend inspired by 'The Brickfielder' a hot, dry and dusty wind in the desert of Southern Australia that occurs in the Summer season. Like the Brickfielder this scent immediately explodes once lit and releases a rich bold but soothing fragrance.  

Native Braw

The perfect fragrance symbolic of the uncultivated and untouched Australian Environment which we call our 'Native Braw' originally inspired by a type of Wind formation known as a 'Warm Braw' 

With notes of Eucalytpus, Geranium and Bergamot, Native Braw is a pure invigoration of our Aussie creeks, rainforests and bush, a true symbol of our Aussie land, dry but mighty and brave.

La Bora

🌸🌺🌷The encapsulating La Bora scent has proven to be a real favourite with our customers and after three Large Soy Candles were purchased in one order within our first week of launching we knew we would need to be prepared!

La Bora was created for all my true floral lovers out there. Before owning a candle making business I would often find my self let down by floral candle scents, either it being too nauseating and strong with just one note in there I could not stand or it smelled as though it mimicked a toilet spray - I just couldn’t find the perfect floral scented candle, so I created my own 🤩

La Bora is the perfect Floral Scent - not too over powering or dulls in fragrance over time, it is fresh, oozes romance and is kept smooth and not nauseating by incorporating hints of Lavender and Sandalwood. I was originally inspired to create a fragrance reminiscent of an Italian Love Affair, it may have been a romance with someone, it might be a connection with a place or it might just be a moment in time you truly felt love within yourself. Fresh Freesia and a touch of Rose Geranium dance along side each other bursting with fragrance. Picture bright lilacs and crimson pinks scattered across coastal views.

💞 The Love affair has just begun.....


Serenading us with Summer vibes this week is our Zephyr 🐚🦋💭⁣

A moment in time, lose yourself down memory lane indulging in the perfect blend formulated to capture the divine fragrance of a blooming Gardenia Flower, ever sweet and encapsulating. Uniquely tied with a light citrus burst of fresh Australian Lime and lingering hues of a Raw Gentle Sea Breeze, the Zephyr is seriously tempting us 🌞🌊

I formulated this fragrance after being inspired by my deep love of the ocean and growing up with an ever Blooming Gardenia Bush outside our family home. The incorporation of notes of citrus in the Zephyr fragrance take me back to moments like... lying in the grass, wet ocean hair, sandy feet, Corona in hand (slice of lime of course) and Mum’s Gardenias providing the sweetest sunset fragrance ✨ I hope it provides you with a moment in time too. ⁣

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